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Welcome to Aerial House Photos: Unleashing the Power of Location

They say, "Location, location, location!" —a timeless mantra in the world of real estate. We understand the significance of location when it comes to purchasing a home. That's why we specialise in providing stunning aerial house photos that showcase properties like never before.

Did you know that listings featuring aerial house photos sell a remarkable 68% faster compared to those without? By offering potential buyers a unique perspective from above, we go beyond what Google Maps can provide. We allow them to truly connect with the local area—envision walking their beloved dog through the neighbourhood, commuting to work along familiar routes, and ensuring their children attend nearby schools.

When you visualise, you start to feel. And when you genuinely feel a connection, you're motivated to take action. At Aerial House Photos, we believe in the power of visualisation to inspire action, whether it's buying or selling a property.

Join us on this exciting journey as we unlock the hidden potential of location through captivating aerial imagery.

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Drone Real Estate Aerial Photography

Residential Photos

Dramatically speed up the sale of your property, and increase the value the property is finally sold for, all with a simple set of professional aerial house photos.

Commercial Photos

Showcase your commercial property, with a different perspective from the air. Highlight Points of interests. Get powerful imagery to power your business decisions.

Industry Photos

From solar panels, wind turbines, agriculture, farms and construction progress. We can photograph your assets from never before seen angles and heights.


Aerial House Photos - High Resolution Aerial Imagery

Moving someone emotionally is a principle of effective real estate selling.

Aerial Photography

We can provide professional aerial still photography, 360 and panoramas. We can add points of interests and boundary lines ready for print and social media.

Aerial Video

Showcase your stunning property with high definition 4K aerial video, professionally edited, stabilised and colour graded. Ready for TV, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

Mapping and Survey

Volumetrics, mapping and land survey our drones are ready to capture your quarries, real estate development plans, agriculture and adverse possession requirements.

Our Process for Stunning Aerial House Photos

Tell Us About Your Project

Contact us for your project. We will send a detailed all-inclusive quote with a competitive price including any permissions or permits.

Schedule the Drone Flight

Pending weather, we'll undertake a JSA and Risk Assessment and organise a scheduled flight with your permission.

Post Production Editing

We will professionally edit the aerial content to your requirements and provide the imagery via download usually within 48 hours.

Location Information: Castlemaine, Echuca and Moama, Shepparton, Central Victoria, Mildura and Mallee Region

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Get in contact with us if you require a quick quote, need some questions answered or simply want some more information about our services. We operate 24/7 throughout Australia and we can generally get back to you within the hour.

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